2018 Undergraduate Project Showcase

The inaugural Computer Science Undergraduate Project Showcase celebrated student inquiry in computer science. Students presented posters on projects from mentored research, class projects, and independent work. The projects showcased students creatively applying skills and concepts from their computer science coursework. Students presented 22 posters.


Two posters received recognition for research:

One poster was recognized in terms of its innovation as a project from the Duke Reporters’ Lab:

All Posters
  • A Scalable Cryptocurrency Based on A Byzantine-Safe Key-Value Store
  • Bass Connections: Automating Electricity Access Prediction with Satellite Imagery
  • Bioinformatics pipeline for characterizing isoform diversity in PacBio sequencing data
  • BreathMe: A Preventative Approach to Asthma
  • Creating an Application to Administer Custom Social Network Surveys
  • Algorithm for Matching Fact-Checks
  • Design Automation and Microfluidic Resource Optimization of Reconfigurable Flow-Based Biochips Design Checklist
  • Electronic Health Record Representations for Interpretable Machine Learning
  • Semantic Term "Blurring" & Stochastic Barcoding for Text Classification
  • Lemma: an Evaluation and Discovery Engine for Initial Coin Offerings
  • mHealth for Better Routine Immunization Data in Honduras (mVax)
  • Mobile Citizens: Broadening Participation in Computer Science by Increasing Self-Efficacy
  • Olympus: Sensor Privacy through Utility Aware Obfuscation
  • Recovery in Casba, a Leader-less Key-value Store
  • Reinforcement Learning with Spiking Neural Network
  • Synesthetic Music and Motion Visualization in Augmented Reality
  • SVRG Escapes Saddle Point
  • Using Smartphones to Track Parkinson's Disease
  • Tech&Check Alerts
  • Development of algorithms for cervix region of interest segmentation: First steps toward automated cervical cancer screening in low-resource settings
  • What does Facebook know? Predicting IQ and Personalities
  • Duke MBB: Ranking and Diversifying with Subjectivity

Showcase and Poster Winners:
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