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Frequently Asked Questions 

Our Frequently Asked Questions cover some of the more commonly requested computing issues specific to the Department of Computer Science

Duke Office of Information Technology (OIT)

The Office of Information Technology manages Duke’s central technology infrastructure and provides services and applications to support the educational and research missions of the institution, as well as the university's business functions. 

Duke IT Services

The Duke IT Services website is a portal to help faculty, students and staff find IT organizations, services and programs across Duke. The site functions as a directory and links to central and school-level information technology offices.

Submitting a Problem Request


Contacting the Lab Staff through email is the preferred method. An automatic reply will be sent, confirming that the request has been entered into our problem queue. A Lab Staff member should promptly respond, unless there is a system-wide problem that requires their immediate attention.

Online CSL Request Form

This web form can be used in place of sending email, for example if you are having a problem with your email. The Lab Staff will attempt followup communication via email, or if that is not working will contact you directly.