Graduate Courses

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Number Title Codes
COMPSCI 574 Deep Learning Fundamentals QS
COMPSCI 676 Advanced Topics in Deep Learning
COMPSCI 507D Mobile App development for programmers and entrepreneurs QS
COMPSCI 510 Operating Systems QS
COMPSCI 512 Distributed Systems
COMPSCI 514 Advanced Computer Networks R, QS
COMPSCI 515 Wireless Networking and Mobile Computing
COMPSCI 516 Database Systems R, QS
COMPSCI 520D Numerical Analysis R, QS
COMPSCI 521 Graph Analysis with Matrix Computation QS
COMPSCI 524 Dynamics of Complex Systems R, NS, QS
COMPSCI 526 Data Science QS
COMPSCI 527 Introduction to Computer Vision
COMPSCI 531D Introduction to Algorithms QS
COMPSCI 532 Design and Analysis of Algorithms QS
COMPSCI 534 Computational Complexity QS
COMPSCI 535 Algorithmic Game Theory QS
COMPSCI 550 Advanced Computer Architecture I R, QS
COMPSCI 553 Compiler Construction
COMPSCI 554 Fault-Tolerant and Testable Computer Systems
COMPSCI 555 Probability for Electrical and Computer Engineers
COMPSCI 561 Computational Sequence Biology
COMPSCI 562 High-Resolution Cryo-Electron Microscopy Image Analysis R, QS
COMPSCI 564 Edge Computing
COMPSCI 565 Modern Optimization for Statistical Learning
COMPSCI 570 Artificial Intelligence QS
COMPSCI 571D Probabilistic Machine Learning QS
COMPSCI 572 Introduction to Natural Language Processing QS
COMPSCI 581 Computer Security QS
COMPSCI 582 Cryptography QS
COMPSCI 583 Applications in Data and Materials Science
COMPSCI 584 Foundations of Blockchains
COMPSCI 585 Secure Software Systems QS
COMPSCI 586 Human-Centered Security and Privacy
COMPSCI 590 Advanced Topics in Computer Science
COMPSCI 590D Advanced Topics in Computer Science
COMPSCI 630 Randomized Algorithms QS
COMPSCI 632 Approximation Algorithms QS
COMPSCI 634 Geometric Algorithms QS
COMPSCI 638 Graph Algorithms QS
COMPSCI 650 Advanced Computer Architecture II QS
COMPSCI 653 Human-Centered Computing
COMPSCI 655L Full-Stack IoT Systems
COMPSCI 663 Algorithms in Structural Biology and Biophysics R, NS, QS
COMPSCI 671D Theory and Algorithms for Machine Learning QS
COMPSCI 675D Introduction to Deep Learning
COMPSCI 701S Introduction for Graduate Students in Computer Science
COMPSCI 703 Programming Interview Skills and Practice
COMPSCI 704 Computer Science Masters Program Career Preparation and Development
COMPSCI 724 Advanced Topics in Nonlinear and Complex Systems
COMPSCI 762 High-Dimensional Statistics and Machine Learning
COMPSCI 763 Graphical Models for Biological Data
COMPSCI 791 Internship
COMPSCI 891 Special Readings in Computer Science