Computer Science Related Student Organizations

Are you interested in getting involved with the CS community? Are you looking to collaborate with other CS organizations? Here is a list of student organizations (in alphabetical order) that are active in 2022 - 2023. If you would your Computer Science related organization listed on this page, please complete this form.


Catalyst is Duke’s premier social and pre-professional tech organization established in 2016. As a bunch of tech enthusiasts, we are a tight-knit group whose members are there for each other whether it’s career advice or emotional support. We are founded on four pillars: mentorship, community, innovation, and outreach. Our mission is to help members realize their potential and grow their talents as we all explore the technological possibilities that await in the world. Website|Facebook Page|Instagram@dukecatalyst

Interested in joining? There is a rush process in the Fall and Spring.

Computer Science Student Union

The CS Student Union (CSSU) is the official Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) student chapter at Duke. Any CS major, minor, or affiliate is invited to participate in CSSU events. Some of our events include distinguished speakers, social events, graduate and internship panels, and winter break workshops. We are always interested in having students provide ideas for our events, or be a part of the planning team. Facebook Group

Interested in joining? Events are open to all; send an email to if you want to be on exec and help plan events.


Design@Duke started in the summer of 2020 from a late-night thought about how to bring design to Duke and grew over countless conversations between the co-founders, the founding team, and with Duke students & faculties who are passionate about design. The mission of Design@Duke is to build an inclusive design community for Duke students, raise awareness for design at Duke, and serve as a resource hub for students interested in design and related fields. Design@Duke seeks to accomplish this mission by hosting professional workshops and events, fostering student-student/student-faculty/student-alumni networks and mentorships, and providing design resources in the form of website, newsletter, and educational materials. Facebook Page


DTech is an organization that empowers the next generation of diverse leaders in tech! We've grown to 400+ computer science, engineering and statistics students from groups underrepresented in computing. Members have access to mentorship, recruiting resources, company relationships, and most importantly, a supportive and inclusive community! WebsiteFacebook Group

Interested in joining?  Member applications are open Sept/Oct and again in Jan/Feb.

Duke Actuarial Society

The Duke Actuarial Society (DAS) is a student-run pre-professional organization that aims to empower Duke students interested in pursuing a career in actuarial science and risk management. DAS seeks to create and empower an actuarial community at Duke through student-led forums, annual speaker series, skill-building workshops, networking events and job-shadow days with outstanding industry professionals, participation in financial risk management case competitions and exam preparation.

DAS is a community grounded in education, diversity, and mentorship that strives to guide the personal and professional development of Duke students and prepare them for the diverse career opportunities awaiting them at the crossroads of statistics, economics, mathematics, and computer science. Website

Interested in joining? DAS has applications at the start of the Fall and the Spring semesters.

Duke Applied Machine Learning Group

Duke Applied Machine Learning Group (DAML) is the easiest way to get involved with meaningful technical projects and part-time tech internships during your time at Duke.

DAML is a group of undergraduate and graduate students who work on real-world technical projects sponsored by startups, large companies, non-profits, student founders, and more. We run projects under 4 main divisions: Data Science/Machine Learning, Software Engineering, Hardware Engineering, and Product Management. If you’re willing to learn, we’d love to have you, meaning that anyone who wants to get involved can get involved! For those who are new to tech, we offer a comprehensive onboarding process and substantial educational resources to prepare you to contribute to real-world projects, and for those with previous experience, we have an expedited onboarding process so you can join a team as soon as possible! Once you are onboarded, you’ll have the opportunity to work on client-facing projects that align with your interests, goals, and experience level. LinkedIn

Duke Association for Business Oriented Women

BOW is a professional and social community of female undergraduates and alumnae of Duke University. We promote education, experience, and exchange between interested students and outstanding industry professionals. We aim to cultivate leadership and talent in our outstanding members to prepare them to become leaders in business. Website|Facebook Page|Twitter@dukebow|Instagram@duke.b.o.w

Interested in joining? We have both Fall and Spring Application Cycles for prospective new members.

Duke Cyber

Duke Cyber members explore the implications of 21st century technology through events and educational programming focused on cutting-edge cyber topics. We empower our members professionally and academically through interactions with cyber experts from industry, academia, think tanks, and government about cyber topics that cross economic, social, and national security domains. We are the proud home of Duke’s competitive Cyber Policy and Cybersecurity Teams. Website

Duke Robotics Club

The Duke Robotics Club is a student-run organization in the Pratt School of Engineering. Our mission is to provide Duke undergraduate and graduate students a place to pursue their interest in robotics by working on high-impact, large-scale robotics projects and competitions, primarily in the realm of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs). No prior knowledge is necessary; we teach you everything you need to know. Website|Facebook Page|LinkedIn

Interested in joining? Just send an email to

Duke Undergraduate Machine Learning

Duke Undergraduate Machine Learning hosts a Datathon and Machine Learning Day event every year! We also host an ML Bytes speaker series throughout the year where we bring people from academia and industry to talk about how they're utilizing ML and data science in their work. Facebook Page 

Interested in joining?  We open applications every semester for our exec board. All of our events are open to the entire Duke student body!

Duke Undergraduate Quantum Information Society (DuQIS)

Duke Undergraduate Quantum Information Society is an academic-oriented student organization aiming to promote the accessibility of quantum information science and related research opportunities to more Duke undergraduate students. We organize house course, talks, workshops, panels, hackathons and many kinds of social events for people with interests in quantum. Facebook Page|Twitter@duqisofficial

Interested in joining? Subscribe to our mailing list to receive event notification: We also welcome people to join our leadership team!

Duke Women in Technology

Duke Women in Technology (WiT) is an undergraduate organization focused on supporting women and other underrepresented groups interested in any tech-related discipline. We host networking events, social events, professional workshops, and more! Facebook Page 

Interested in joining?  Just fill out this form

Females and Allies Excelling More in Math, Engineering, and Science

Females and Allies Excelling More in Math, Engineering, and Science (FEMMES+) is a student-run organization that hosts educational outreach programs related to math, science, and engineering for 4th to 12th grade students from the Durham community. Website|Facebook Page

Interested in joining? Simply sign up to be a volunteer for our programs!


HackDuke is the nation's largest hackathon for social good that is hosted around November each year. The mission of HackDuke is to improve meaningful student engagement with the intersection of tech, design, and social good. Website|Facebook Page | Twitter@hackduke | Instagram@hackduke

Interested in joining? The Fall hackathon is open to all. Planning committee positions are selected via applications early Spring semester.


Supported and funded by the U.S. Department of State’s Mission to Southeast Asia, Duke I&E Summer Accelerator & the Innovation Colab, Technify is a Duke-led platform that connects tech talents at U.S. colleges with NGOs and social enterprises in developing countries via pro bono tech projects. Having successfully launched 10 projects with partners from Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines, we are currently expanding our core management team as we extend our reach to other colleges and partners from more countries around the world. Website