2019 Undergraduate Project Showcase

The second annual Computer Science Undergraduate Project Showcase celebrated student inquiry in computer science. Students presented posters on projects from mentored research, class projects, and independent work. The projects showcased students creatively applying skills and concepts from their computer science coursework. Students presented a total of 21 posters.

Undergrad Research Projects



Winning posters were selected by Brandon Fain, Jeff Forbes, Jun Yang and Xiaowei Yang:

All Posters
  • Mobile Alerting Interface for Human and Drone Contraband Drops
  • Machine Learning in Stock Market Forecasting
  • Coding the Craziness: Tenting Application
  • Edge Computing with Google ARCore
  • Reinforcement Learning for AR/MR Output Security
  • Challenges in Automation Pop-up Fact Checking
  • Developing Automated Tools for Political Fact-Checking
  • Data&Technology For Fact Checking
  • Using Machine Learning for Predicting the Clinical Outcomes of Schizophrenia
  • Developing HRI Graduate Course Project on Usability Testing
  • JSAWAA: Algorithm & Visualizations for the Modern Web
  • Proportionally Fair Clustering Allocation
  • Interpretable Image Recognition with Hierarchical Prototypes
  • Using Machine Learning to Reduce Vaccine Misinformation
  • Sensor Logger Framework for Android
  • Time-Series Analysis for Predicting Stragglers
  • Commerce Search Engine Result Enrichment
  • Quantifying Gerrymandering: Stratified Sampling the Space of Possible North Carolina Congressional Redistrictings
  • Efficient Algorithms for Design Automation of Flow-Based Microfluidic Biochips
  • Design Checklist
  • Coding the Craziness: Tenting Application

Showcase and Poster Winners:
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