Course Registration Logistics

Bookbagging for Summer 2024 starts Monday, February 12, 2024. Registration begins Monday, February 19, 2024.

Bookbagging for Fall 2024 starts Monday, March 25, 2024. Registration begins Wednesday, April 3, 2024.

You can see the projected list of courses and other updates for the upcoming semester here.

In ordered to be cleared to register for courses, all CompSci First Majors must meet with a member of the CSTeach team, which is comprised of our Teaching Associates (Alex Chao, Violet Pang, and Violette Walker) and our Undergraduate Program Administrator (Jackie Okoh) during the registration drop-in hours. Their hours are shown in the calendar below. A drop-in will take less than 5 mins.

Do not go to your advisor for registration clearance. Only meet with your advisor if you want advice on topics such as, why go to graduate school, how to get started on research, etc. or you can meet with DUS Susan Rodger or DUS Associate Owen Astrachan. 

If you would like to list a preference for an advisor or change your advisor, please complete this form.

If you are doing an IDM, please see the DUS, Susan Rodger to get cleared. Please see the DUS drop in hours with Susan Rodger.

In general, if you have questions send email to and we will answer them there.

Meetings with the DUS, Susan Rodger

If you want to meet  with the DUS Susan Rodger for questions about the major or advising, you can find her drop-in hours on this page (requires authentication).

CSTeach Registration Clearance Hours

These are drop-in hours (no appointment necessary). We have times ranging from early morning to late at night, so please be sure to scroll on the calendar. All times are in Eastern Standard Time. Please check the event on the calendar prior to joining the zoom, as times may have been updated. 

Zoom Link: (requires authentication).

Please have your Unique ID ready. It is the number on the back of your DukeCard.

There is a waiting room to ensure a private conversation with each student. If the time on the calendar is indicated as a drop-in and you are not let into the Zoom within ~1 minute, it is likely that there is someone else being helped in the Zoom room and you will have to wait until they are done. Popular times may have a longer waiting room. Each session should take less than 5 minutes.

PLEASE NOTE: We only conduct Clearance Hours during the 3-week registration period. If for some reason you missed registering during the regular registration period, then you need to see the DUS Susan Rodger during her drop-in hours or email her at





Permission Number Request

Please use the following forms (Duke login required) to request a Permission Number for a COMPSCI course for Summer 2024 and/or for Fall 2024. This permission number is generally only for bypassing pre-requisites, and will place you on the waitlist if a course is full. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a COMPSCI second major or COMPSCI minor, then you need to meet with your First Major Advisor to be cleared to register. If you are undeclared but planning on declaring for COMPSCI, please visit your first-year advisor until you have declared.

If you are away/studying abroad this semester, you will automatically be cleared for registration by the Study Abroad Office, but you are welcome to drop into CS registration clearance hours if you have questions. See the calendar above for the virtual drop-in hours offered by the CSTeach Registration Clearance Team.

If you are planning on being abroad next semester and you have been approved for a study abroad program, you will need to meet with either one of the DUS's or with a member of the CSTeach Team for registration clearance. See the calendar above for the virtual drop-in hours offered by the CSTeach Registration Clearance Team.

If you have not been approved yet, you should still bookbag and register for Duke courses just in case. Many COMPSCI courses fill up during the registration period, so if you do not go abroad, it would be difficult to add COMPSCI courses later. To do this, you will need to be cleared for registration. See the calendar above for the virtual drop-in hours offered by the CSTeach Registration Clearance Team.

Instructions and links for doing so are available on the registrar’s website. Note that no changes to academic plans will be processed by the registrar’s office during registration period.

Any substitutions must be approved by the DUS office. A list of common substitutions are on this page, but they are not automatic. Send a request to for approval of a course substitution.

Students can pursue independent study in computer science with a faculty member for research or non-research projects in a field of special interest.

Students must complete the independent study form during the first one and a half weeks of the semester, but earlier is recommended.

For FALL 2024, all signed forms must be submitted to the DUS at by September 4, 2024.

More info about independent study is found on this page.