Financial Support

There are no Duke or department scholarship funds available for Computer Science Masters students. The Graduate School's Financial Support section has information about federal student loans for U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents. MSEC applicants, check with the Economics department for financial aid information.

Computer Science Masters students sometimes find work as a Research Assistant with a professor in CS or a related department,  or as a Teaching Assistant in Computer Science. Both positions pay stipend only and have no effect on tuition. Besides RA and TA positions, students may also take on small on-campus programming jobs which are often advertised to CS students, and other students find work as a tutor for CS classes. The CS Graduate Program Office will let students know about these opportunities as they become available. Ask the GPC about the positions.

Note: TA and RA opportunities are offered to graduate students already at Duke, since both opportunities depend upon speaking with the professor or GPC directly. Therefore, it will be risky to base a decision to come to Duke on the idea that jobs or financial support will definitely be available.

Graduate students who are US citizens or permanent residents meeting the federal criteria for need can apply for loans and work-study employment. Eligible students should check the Graduate School financial support page to learn more about applying for aid.