In the world of big data, people are collecting, storing, processing, and analyzing data on a regular basis. At Duke, we use data to solve many real-world problems with an emphasis on problems that impact social good, as well as aim to make this process as simple, efficient, robust, and secure as possible. Research in Duke data science, data management, databases, and systems covers a wide range of topics:

  • Data Science, which includes analyzing data in healthcare, criminal justice, fake news, sports data analysis, and other areas. Duke is particularly strong in methodology related to data science, including model interpretability, causal inference, and computer vision.
  • (Mis-)Information Management, which includes automated fact checking, computational journalism, uncertain data management and probabilistic databases, data provenance, and explanations for query answers.
  • Secure and Private Data Management, which includes differentially private data analysis with applications in areas like census, social networks, location tracking, and search logs.
  • Data Processing, which includes query optimization, use of sampling and machine learning methods, and debugging and interactive exploration of query answers.