Introduction to Deep Learning


Provides an introduction to the machine learning technique called deep learning or deep neural networks. A focus will be the mathematical formulations of deep networks and an explanation of how these networks can be structured and 'learned' from big data. Discussion section covers practical applications, programming, and modern implementation practices. Example code and assignments will be given in Python with heavy utilization of PyTorch (or Tensorflow) package. The course and a project will cover various applications including image classification, text analysis, object detection, etc. Prerequisite: ECE 580, ECE 681, ECE 682D, Statistical Science 561D, or Computer Science 571D.


Prerequisite: ECE 580 or ECE 681 or ECE 682D or STA 561D or COMPSCI 571D

Cross-Listed As
  • ECE 685D
Typically Offered
Fall Only