Administrative Aspects of Talks

  CS Colloquia Research Seminars Faculty Search Talks

Monday 11:45-12:45
Room D106*

Room North 130A

Regular research group meetings or scheduled ad hoc, typically not with department-wide attendance

Various days
Room LSRC-D106


Scheduled by the Faculty Search Committee, in coordination with the Faculty coordinator

Expenses: Paid for with departmental funds Paid for with faculty-controlled funds; processed by each faculty member's regular support staff person Paid for with departmental funds; processed by each faculty members's regular support staff person
Host: Regular:
Faculty member who invited the guest, or assigned by Faculty Coordinator
Faculty member who invited the guest Designated by the Faculty Search Committee
Lodging: Your choice Your choice Washington Duke Inn
Faculty Coordinator: Carlo Tomasi
None Search Committee Chair
Staff Assistant: Pam Spencer
Pam Spencer
Tatiana Margitic

* Schedules can be adjusted at the discretion of the Faculty Coordinator.

All Talks

For all talks, the Host is in charge of making sure that all of the logistics are taken care of. The Staff Assistant (specified above) is available to help with the details.  The Host should let the Staff Assistant know specifically what help is wanted.  In general, please cc all messages about talks to the Staff Assistant, so that the Staff Assistant can make sure that details are being addressed in a timely manner.

CS Colloquia & Research Talks

Scheduling CS Colloquia & Research Talks

  • Host coordinates with Faculty Coordinator to determine a date
  • Host provides date, time and room
  • Staff Assistant posts talk on official Talks schedule,  Events page of website and room calendar
  • Host provides to the Staff Assistant as early as possible but no later than two weeks in advance:
    • Date,
    • Speaker’s name,
    • Speaker’s contact info,
    • Title, bio and abstract
  • Host confirms Speaker’s approval to record and post talk in iTunesU

Announcing CS Colloquia & Research Talks

  • Host provides title, abstract and bio to Staff Assistant
  • Staff Assistant posts title, abstract and bio on Events page of website and room calendar
  • Automatic messages go to one week and one day in advance
  • Automatic messages go to and zephyr 20 minutes in advance

Individual Meetings for CS Colloquia & Research Talks

  • Host informs Staff Assistant whether or not there will be individual meetings
  • Host determines who will set up these meetings, host or Staff Assistant
  • Host or Staff Assistant arranges schedule
  • Final schedule is provided to admin team by day of talk

Visitor Meals for CS Colloquia & Research Talks

  • Host informs Staff Assistant of meal plans and needs for reservations
  • P-Card receipts turned into to regular support staff person

Lodging for CS Colloquia & Research Talks

  • Host provides Staff Assistant all information needed to arrange lodging
  • Staff Assistant arranges lodging

Reimbursing Visitors for CS Colloquia & Research Talks

Honoraria for CS Colloquia & Research Talks

  • Range: $0 - $100
  • Host negotiates with Chair for higher amount before making offer to Speaker
  • Host tells foreign national speakers to bring visa documents
  • Foreign national speakers must see Staff Assistant and complete paper work while on site in order to receive honorarium

Recording Talks in LSRC-D106

  • Host makes sure mic is available (mic is located in the black media cabinet in D108)
  • Host helps speaker get  mic’d up
  • Host returns mic to D108 or to any staff person