CSL: Security

The C.S. Lab Staff endeavor to maintain a secure computer network that serves as an integral component of the department's infrastructure. But there are some aspects of network security which the Lab Staff cannot control. Please browse the pages below for information that you can use to help keep our computing environment secure and effective.
General Security
Basic information about passwords, account security, PC security, remote access, etc.
Email Viruses & Trojan Horses / Phishing
A set of general guidelines for avoiding the most common email-based computer attacks.
Web-based Remote Access
Easy, secure ways to access your department email and account from anywhere, using just a web browser.
Terminal-based Remote Access
SSH (Secure Shell) is the preferred method for establishing remote terminal connections to department machines. SSH can also be used to tunnel arbitrary services, allowing the user to access protected departmental services. Various sources for obtaining and setting up SSH are noted.
Securing Windows
Basic security tips for Windows users. Intended for Windows users, but applicable to Vista and XP users as well.