Duke CS Students Win 2024 CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Research Awards

2024 CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Research Awards - Duke CS Winners: Harry Chen, Michelle Qiu, Dennis Tang, and Frank Willard
Top L-R: Harry Chen, Michelle Qiu. Bottom L-R: Dennis Tang, Frankie Willard.

Four Duke CS students were awarded Honorable Mentions from the Computing Research Association (CRA) for Outstanding Undergraduate Research in 2023-2024.

  • Harry Chen's research focuses on theoretically and empirically demonstrating that simple machine learning models are near-optimal on noisy datasets with Cynthia Rudin and Ron Parr.
  • Michelle Qiu works on interdisciplinary natural language processing applications with Cynthia Rudin.
  • Dennis Tang's current research focus is on interpretable machine learning, and he's now working to create interpretable neural networks for clinical epilepsy detection with Cynthia Rudin.
  • Frank Willard works on interpretable machine learning techniques to model EEG data with Cynthia Rudin and also with Bhuwan Dhingra to develop adversarially robust Language Models.

Congratulations to all on these prestigious national awards!