Graduate Travel Reimbursement Guidelines

Traveling to a conference, meeting or other university/grant sponsored event? Follow these guidelines to ensure successful reimbursement for your trip.

  1. Determine if you are eligible for the CS Department and/or Duke Grad School Travel Award. Once you are eligible, you are allowed one of each per fiscal year (Graduate School deadline for submitting is June 15th for FY end date June 30th). Fill out one or both of the applications and turn in to Graduate Administrator or Pay attention to the application deadlines! Be sure to include a letter of intent and abstract with the Grad School Application.
  2. Make sure you will be funded by your advisor for your trip as well. If you are on fellowship or an internship, we will need to get special permission to fund you if travel is to be funded by a research grant.
  3. You will not be able to submit for reimbursement until after the conference ends.  All department travel reimbursements must be done within 20 days of the conclusion of the conference through the Duke Concur System. Graduate School reimbursements must be completed by using a paper reimbursement form provided by Liz Labriola. Please contact Liz ( for the form upon your return from the conference.  All graduate school reimbursement rules apply.  Please read the rules carefully: Graduate School Conference Travel Award Application and Guidelines.
  4. SAVE ALL RECEIPTS – we cannot accept credit card statements. Only original receipts will be reimbursed. All receipts from the trip must be in a single PDF and in order by day. No Zip files are permitted.
  5. Depending on your travel times, you are allowed 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch & dinner). Snacks (outside of meals) cannot be reimbursed. Beverages (outside of meals) can be reimbursed; i.e., coffee, soda, water. You can only be reimbursed for your meals. Request separate checks if dining with other people. Please see Duke’s travel website for domestic travel and foreign travel rules regarding meals.
  6. Unallowable expenses include upgrades above coach on airfare, car or train, wireless fees, travel insurance & additional meals if already included in conference registration fee.

Please bear in mind that you are traveling on other people’s money, either the University’s or the federal government. Both institutions require:

  • The least and lowest cost;
  • Specific accounting and proof of payment for each expense; and
  • That each travel expense be related to the business purpose of the institution.

If you are traveling internationally, the same rules apply plus you must register through Duke Travel.

Remember, airfare must be purchased through a US Flag carrier or Open Skies. We recommend booking through Delta, United or American OR use a Duke approved travel agent.