Duke Computer Science Colloquium

Improving Privacy Communication

November 2, -
Speaker(s): Mary Anne Smart


Lunch will be served at 11:45 AM.


I will start this talk with a teaching demo on differential privacy—a privacy-enhancing technology that allows for aggregate data analysis while offering a form of provable privacy protection for individuals. Differential privacy has been deployed by companies like Apple and Microsoft as well as government agencies like the US Census Bureau. Next, I will discuss my research on privacy communication, including my work on developing explanations of differential privacy for data subjects. I will also discuss ongoing work and future directions that I hope to explore at Duke.

Speaker Bio:

Mary Anne Smart is a Ph.D. candidate at UC San Diego. In her research, Mary Anne identifies shortcomings in privacy communication and develops explanations of privacy-enhancing technologies. She is passionate about teaching and has experience teaching a range of classes as an instructional assistant as well as experience teaching a class on probabilistic reasoning as the instructor of record. She is particularly excited about opportunities to teach classes related to HCI, AI, data privacy, or discrete math.


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