Lead Times for New Hires

If visa sponsorship is required, a minimum 4-6 weeks must be added to processing times listed below. Note that OPT regulations are currently under review by the US government and may be subject to new limitations beginning in 2017.

All processing times assume that the faculty member provides the necessary hiring details (source, wage, contact info etc.) to the business office, that the candidate completes the various hiring requirements in a timely manner, and that the candidate furnishes the required identification documents to begin work. From experience, undergraduate workers often are not in possession of the required documents, which can lead to delays in hiring.

Duke Undergraduate Student

14 days' notice is required to guarantee the first paycheck is received on time. If the student is already working for Duke in another capacity, hiring can be expedited.

Post-Doctoral Associate & Associate in Research

A minimum of 4 weeks' notice is required to guarantee the first paycheck will be issued on time and that the hiring process is seamless for the postdoc.

Leveled Staff Positions
(ex: Project Coordinator, Staff Assistant, and IT Analyst)

These permanent and semi-permanent positions take the longest to hire and need a minimum 6-8 weeks to obtain Provost approval. Once the position is approved, the actual hiring process can be completed in 10 days.

Adjunct Faculty Payments

Prior to January 1, 2015, most adjunct faculty were paid via the supplementary pay system on an as-needed basis. With the new Affordable Healthcare Act regulations, we are no longer able to issue a supplemental payment to someone who does not receive a regular salary from Duke. All payments to adjunct faculty must be requested 2 weeks prior to the start of the semester so that we can spread the agreed to amounts over the entire semester to stay compliant.

Graduate & Masters Students

Duke graduate & master's students are typically already on Duke's payroll. If not, they can be hired in 5-7 days. We are unable to pay graduate students on an hourly basis.

If departmental funds are to be used for the hire, we request notification of the position in concept (if candidate name is not available) by December for the following academic year so that the appropriate amount of money is requested from Trinity and allocated for the effort.