Fall 2020 Course Bulletin

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New Faculty and Department Chair!

We welcome three new faculty to the department who will all be teaching this Fall. Check out their information on their website:

We also welcome Jun Yang as the new Department Chair of Computer Science and we thank Pankaj Agarwal for his years of leadership and dedication!

New! COMPSCI 190 - Race, Gender, Class & Computing

Course Description: This course explores the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) challenges in computing through an introduction to and analysis of various social constructs and their impact on not only computing departments and organizations, but also the technologies developed. This course also introduces students to cultural competence in the context of computing. 

Instructor: Washington

New! COMPSCI 290.03 - Introduction to Computational Imaging

Course Description: Computational imaging refers to the process of forming images from data where computation and algorithms play an integral role. This course will cover basic principles of image formation, denoising, classification, and inverse problems, that form the basis of modern applications in consumer, molecular and biomedical imaging as well as vision science.

Pre-req CompSci 230 or equivalent.

Instructor: Bartesaghi

CompSci 260 will be offered Fall and Spring

CompSci 260: Introduction to Computational Genomics (normally a Fall-only course) will be taught twice this academic year, both this Fall and again in Spring 2021. Course scheduling is going to be more complicated and uncertain this year, and the instructor wanted to make an alternative available if you happened to have a conflict this fall, and/or give you greater flexibility in deciding when to take 260.


We have a new IDM with Mathematics: Math+CS IDM.

Note that this IDM is intended for students interested in data science and its mathematical foundations, but not necessarily all the lower-level computational aspects. Depending on your interests, the other options include:

  • The Data Science Concentration within the COMPSCI major, which requires fewer courses on the mathematical and statistical foundations, but focuses more on the computational aspect and practical issues that arise in applying data science.
  • The IDM in STA+CS on Data Science, which covers more topics on statistical data analysis.

2020 Fall-Only Courses

  • 307 Software Design/Implementation*
  • 310 Introduction to Operating Systems, cross ECE 353
  • 316 Intro to Database Systems
  • 351 Computer Security
  • 371 Elements of Machine Learning
  • 408 Delivering Software

*Going forward, 307 will be Fall-only and 308 will be Spring-only. You can only take one or the other.

Special Topics Courses

  • 290.01 Algorithms in the Real World (Fain)
  • 290.02 Intro to Mobile Programming (Thomas)
  • 290.03 Intro to Computational Imaging (Bartesaghi)
  • 290.04/590.05 Graph-Matrix Computational Data Analysis (X. Sun) cancelled
  • 590.02 Parallel Computing (Lebeck)
  • 590.04 Circuit Complexity (Rossman)
  • 590.07 Computational Economics (Conitzer)

Other Electives offered for Fall 2020:

  • 260 - Intro to Computational Genomics (Hartemink)
  • 307D - Software Design and Implementation (Duvall)
  • 310 - Intro to Operating Systems (Chase)
  • 316 - Intro to Database Systems (Roy)
  • 350 - Digital Systems (Board), cross ECE 350
  • 351 - Computer Security (Nayak)
  • 356 - Computer Network Architecture (Gong), cross ECE 356
  • 371D - Elements of Machine Learning (Tomasi)
  • 408 - Delivering Software (Duvall)
  • 434 - Topological Data Analysis (Harer), cross MATH 412
  • 445 - Intro to High Dim Data Analysis (Bendich), cross MATH 465/STA 465
  • 510 - Operating Systems (Chase, with Zhuo and Hewner co-teaching)
  • 514 - Advanced Computer Networks (X. Yang), cross ECE 558
  • 531 - Introduction to Algorithms (Reif)
  • 532 - Design/Analysis Algorithms (Munagala)
  • 550 - Advanced Computer Architecture I (Sorin), cross ECE 552
  • 555 - Probability Elect and EGRS (Trivedi), cross ECE 555
  • 570 - Artificial Intelligence (Parr)
  • 671D - Machine Learning (Rudin), cross ECE 687D/STA 671D

CompSci 101, 201, 230, 250, and 330 are offered every semester.