Shah and Reif Receive Best Presentation Award at DNA24 Conference

Shah and Reif

Congratulations to Shalin Shah and John Reif for winning the 2018 Best Presentation Award at DNA24, the 24th International Conference on DNA Computing and Molecular Programming last semester. This conference was organized by the International Society for Nanoscale Science, Computation and Engineering (ISNSCE).
Their winning paper was on “Temporal DNA Barcodes: A Time-Based Approach for Single-Molecule Imaging.” Shah and Reif developed a similar technique to grocery store barcoding at the molecular scale using DNA’s programmable nature. Their DNA devices can be attached to any nanostructure or cell. Once the process is completed, the devices emit unit fluorescent signs defined as temporal barcodes which can be used for quick identification of underlining molecular or cellular entity. Since the DNA barcodes are inexpensive, resistant to photo-bleaching and require only single fluorescent dye, the hardware setup for acquisition is simple.
Shalin Shah is a PhD candidate studying machine learning, computer vision and DNA nanotechnology in the Department of Computer Science at Duke University, and Professor John Reif is his advisor.