Computing and the Brain


Introductory programming based on problems in neuroscience. Provides foundational skills for using computers to collect and analyze neuroscience data. Study of how computational processes are implemented by information-processing entities: both brains and computers. Python programming to generate sensory stimuli and collect/analyze behavioral and neural data. Scientific and Software Engineering best practices for conducting and verifying neuroscience experiments. Not open to students who have taken Computer Science 101. Prerequisite: Neuroscience 101/Psychology 106 or Neuroscience 102/Psychology 107.


Pre-Req: NEUROSCI 101/PSY 106 or NEUROSCI 102/PSY 107; not open to students who have taken COMPSCI 101

Brain network
Curriculum Codes
  • NS
  • QS
Cross-Listed As
  • PSY 113L
Typically Offered
Spring Only