2023 Spring/Summer Upgrades

Server/Service Status Date Notes
Login servers (login-01, login-02) unscheduled   alias login will be moved when old cluster is decomissioned.
gitlab, coursework scheduled May 23rd, 5-9am  
admin.cs.duke.edu scheduled postponed  
cluster machines scheduled ongoing use compsci-login and new cluster
jupyterlab.cs.duke.edu unscheduled   use updated https://compsci-jupyterlab-01.cs.duke.edu, alias updated after cluster move
cron.cs.duke.edu scheduled   use new login servers (compsci-login-01, compsci-login-02.cs.duke.edu)
users.cs.duke.edu scheduled June 6th, 5-8am  
cgi.cs.duke.edu scheduled June 6th, 5-8am  
share.cs.duke.edu scheduled June 7th use compsci-share.cs.duke.edu
xtmp storage scheduled June 5th, 5am-8am All cluster machines will be affected